Wondering about Creative People? check this out!

Wondering about Creative People? Image8_fondo.png

How to define a “creative” person? 

A person who listens to himself and what is right for him, without social limitations and conventions. A person who is not afraid to take risks and really live life

What are the most important technical skills or skills that a creative must have today?

Full faith in what you do and an endless desire to learn more

Have you ever wondered, or have they ever explained to you, why people like what you do?

I guess people like me and my and my wife’s work because they can see themselves in the illustrations. The illustrations exert emotion in the viewers

How is the typical day of a creative?

Sit all day and draw basically

What are the trends or changes that will have an impact on your way of working and creating in the coming years?

I don’t follow trends… I do what I like, and if there will be a good change I will embarrass it. I’m very open to try new thing, I think it’s good for getting out of the routine

Special thanks to the artist “Yehuda Devir | One of those days” from Tel Aviv (Israel), who answered my 5 questions!

You can see Yehuda beautiful work at


Instagram @jude_devir/

Facebook https://www.facebook.com/JudeDevir/

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