Gelati! Gelati! Pizza! Pizza! via Diego, Gino and their team!

After exactly one year since our last visit to Bilbao, coinciding with “Alimentaria” 2018 in Barcelona, we could finally meet our dear friend and artisan Diego, founder and crazy spirit behind the successful Gelati Gelati in Bizkaia (Basque Country) in Spain! Diego and his lovely team spent nearly a week in Barcelona promoting their fantastic and delicious icecreams in one of the most important event focusing on food and food biz, Alimentaria. Diego, supported by his brother Gino and a very strong team is launching a number of initiatives and opening new places where he now sells his very well known icecreams as well as a number of other incredible products, often organic, km0 or coming from interesting producers near his artisanal factory. Becuase of the many plans, present and future, Diego asked me to make some drawing for his shops and menus, which I did with great enthusiasm.  Here is a collection of what I did for him. If you want to experience the real Italian artisanal icecream, a fantastic pizza like in Napoles or you want to buy some artisanal chocolate, panettone, cookies and much more, check Gelati Gelati next time you are in Bizkaia. 

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